Photographer:   M  ichel A. Khalil

Photographer: Michel A. Khalil

Born and raised in Sweden, Johanna Gard grew up in a musical family. Gospel and Soul music was always her main musical influence. Throughout her childhood, she performed with her family in different churches in Sweden. As a teenager Johanna started to write music and put together a band. 

Through the years she's been collaborating and working with different songwriters and producers, both in Stockholm and Los Angeles. This eventually led to her self-titled EP. 

Johanna performs in different constellations as a solo artist as well as a part of a band, back-up vocalist and a session singer. She has been working together with Swedish artists such as Agnes, September, Carola and with the world-famous Harlem Gospel Choir etc.

To pass on her knowledge and experience as a vocal coach and choir director is a big part of Johanna’s life. 

Today Johanna is based in Stockholm, Sweden.


Her whole life Johanna has loved singing in choirs. As a young girl she sang in kids choirs and youth choirs, and later on as a grown up had the pleasure to sing in amazing gospel choirs in Stockholm such as By Grace and The Masters Voice. 

Today she directs choirs for adults and kids.  2013 she co-founded the choirs Soulful Voices together with her sister Evelina Gard. They since then divided their projects and she's now solely in charge of Soulful Voices.

Contact Johanna here if you'd like to sing in one of my choirs, or if you'd like her to visit your choir and for a project. 

To apply to Soulful Voices, click on the Soulful link here

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