My January Kick Off

So the new year is here. I guess you all started working hard again. So have I. Although I'm always exited for a new year to start, it's also a little hard to get back to reality in January. If you don't live in the north like I do, you might not understand the struggle, but let me tell you: January and February can be a bit brutal here in Sweden. So I made a little list of what to do to give the new year a good start. Here it is: 

If I could travel right now...

I would go to Maui. I can't, because I have to work, and I need to save up for it, but maybe I can inspire you to go!

The Maui trip was one of the best trips I've ever done. I went there with my dear friend Michel. I was living in LA at the moment, so it was of course pretty easy to get there.

I didn't know what to expect of Maui. Was it going to be too similar to LA? Oh my goodness... It was like a paradise. The ocean was so beautiful, people so friendly and lots of things to see. Also, I got away from all the stress in LA. My only regret was that I stayed too short. I have to start to plan my trip back there. 

While looking for some pictures, I found all those video clips from the trip, so I made a little video. I must warn you before you watch: beware of some silly content. What can I say, I was even more silly in my younger days, but we had a blast. Enjoy!

The Best of Maui!

Sun Powder

For those of us who can't travel to a warm and sunny place in January, there's always sun powder! Haha! If you can't go to the sun, you gotta do what you gotta do! One of my best friends, who's name is also Johanna (no, I'm not talking about myself) accidentally bought a YSL sun powder in a too dark shade. Since she's so generous she gave that one to me. I just love it.  It looks so glam and I feel so much more fresh, and it stays on all day. 

Had to try it out right away.

Had to try it out right away.

Yves Saint Laurent, Les Sahariennes Bronzing Stones.

I really love the box and the cover case that it comes with too.

Dinners with good friends and fun events

When it feels like forever until spring is here, and after all those glowing Christmas decorations are out, we need fun things to do. It's easy to just stay home and watch movies when it's so dark and cold out, so I try to get myself out as much as I can.

Me and Johanna eating at Haymarket, Stockholm.

Me and Johanna eating at Haymarket, Stockholm.

This Saturday I went to Disney on Ice with my sister, my niece and my nephew. Each year they give me a ticket as a Christmas gift. Isn't it sweet!

There's cultural happenings. At the end of the month, I will go to the Royal Castle and look at all the royal wedding dresses. 

Everything doesn't have to be costly. If it's a snowy beautiful night, you could go out for a little walk like I did. Might wear different shoes next time though :)

Another thing that would make the new year start out fun, would be to learn something new.

I would like to learn how to ballroom dance. Who can recommend a place in Stockholm where I will dance as good as they do at Dancing with the Stars at the end of the year? 

And hey, you could join my choir! How about that?!? We have tons of fun!


I love to organize. I'm a bit manic when it comes to keeping my home clean and to keep each thing on it's place. A good start is to throw things out. Give away some clothes that you're not wearing, (I can't even move my clothes in my closet at the moment) throw out stacks of papers that takes up space, and organize you're cabinets so life goes smooth. I bought this thing from Muji to organize my makeup brushes. You gotta love Muji!


It's easy to wear all black and dark in the wait for spring to come, but why not try to wear a little bit of colours?!? I got this cardigan this fall, and I'm not exaggerating when I say that some people hug me when I wear it. 

Stop dreaming and start planning

Time to get started with all those dreams you have for the new year. Set up goals and start working towards them. Where do you wanna be at the end of 2017? What do you need to do in January to get there? And what do you need to do today?

I'm stressing myself out, haha! I'm gonna get started right away.

That's all for this time folks! 'Til next time...




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