Soulful Voices In Concert

Hey everyone!

In case you didn't know, I'm a choir director, and Sunday night my choirs had their concert! After all the hard work you put in it's always bitter sweet when it's over. I'm so proud of all the choirs who did such an amazing job, and I wan't to share some pictures and clips from our concert. 


What do you think the  dresscode was? Take a wild guess ;)

I had such a fun time conducting the choir on this concert. They sounded so good! I've put together a video with some of the songs. First video is from the grown choirs performance.

I started a younger kids choir this fall, and they exceeded my exceptions by far!!! You gotta watch them sing on the video below. 

We ended the concert with all the choirs singing together a song called "A Thousand Voices." Thank you everyone in Soulful Voices, and to the musicians: Ted Hector, Magnus Ahlgren and Oscar Eriksson Uggla for making this such a wonderful night! And thank you for sharing your pictures with me Jimi Guldstrand!

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