Sunday Funday With Soulful Voices

Happy Sunday!

Sunday means church to me! Today I didn't go to my church, but I got to conduct and sing with my choir Soulful Voices this morning at Triangelkyrkan.

Soulful Voices

Soulful Voices

I put together a little bit from our singing this morning in the video below!

Here's my little kids choir, Soulful Voices Kids!!! They did so good too!

Soulful Voices Kids

I've been working with choirs for quite some time now, and it really gets more and more fun the more I do it. I love how people from all kinds of different places and circumstances gets together because of music. There's something really special about choir singing, both to actually sing in it yourself, but also to listen to a great choir! 

Catrine Walfridsson is such a great singer! Love her voice! 

If you missed this OPPORTUNITY to hear Soulful Voices, don't cry...

On May 20th we'll do a whole concert in Hammarbykyrkan in Stockholm! I will let you know when you can get your tickets and all the details!

I'm so happy about all the new friendships I've made through my choirs! Yesterday I got invited to come along to brunch with these darlings from Soulful Voices! 

With Kristina, Anneli aka the choirs photographer, Lottis and Jenny. 



Total sidenote, but what the heck happened to my hand??? Just saw it when I was done with church. Did I hit something while conducting, haha! I can't recall hitting it, but it hurts really bad :(

Talking about hitting... The Kids choir was asking me about their choreography, and I was being silly and did some fake ballet and while I did a sudden swan like move with my leg stretched out, I accidentally kicked and elderly man walking up behind me. Soooo embarrassing!!! The kids couldn't help but laugh. The man didn't. Poor guy. 



Okay, that's all for tonight! Have a great week everyone!



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