Raise Those Jazz Hands, It's Almost St Patrick's Day!

Happy Saturday!

It's the weekend! How are you guys? Any fun plans?

Last night I went out for dinner with my dear friend and namesake Johanna. (Let's call her Jo D from now on to spare you the confusion). As I walked into the cozy restaurant I was taken aback at how loud it was in there. I know you're gonna judge me, but I have to admit I said to the restaurant host: "We booked a table, but it's very loud in here!" And before we were seated we got to check the noise level by walking around in the restaurant. I just turned 80 just like that! But whatever... I seriously don't wanna get deaf, and I definitely wanna hear what my friend is saying as we eat our dinner! After our little check we decided on staying. I love this place, but they must suffer from the noise level in there.

When it was time to order I noticed that our (sweet and professional I must first add) waitress had the most sharp and penetrating voice I've ever heard. When she explained the menu I was dying on the inside because my sensitive ears were hurting so bad. I literally shivered when she talked because I felt physical pain! Hahaha, I just heard myself being that old lady again, but that's the price you pay for doing music all day - you'll get overly sensitive ears!!! I don't wanna ruin them even more. Johanna saw me shiver and we laughed so hard about it. Hopefully the waitress didn't notice. Would be rude. I think that poor girl has worked up that talking technique to make herself heard at this lovely but noisy restaurant.

Jo D and I were just into a very deep and meaningful conversation when all of a sudden this little Stockholm restaurant turned into a New Orleans jazz festival. Check out that video if you don't believe me.

I guess that was the restaurants St Patrick's celebration... hence the green outfit!?! Where's the bagpipes though? I suppose the Irish likes to sing New Orleans jazz on St Patrick's Day?!? "Oh when the Saint Patrick's, go marching in..." Come to think of it: Wasn't it the Irish Americans who started celebrating St Patrick's Day first? Must be the mix of it being big celebration in Chicago with the parades there and stuff, that made it jazzy! When I lived in LA it was just an excuse for people to get out and get extremely drunk. This little jazz parade made our night! Stockholm needs more of this to spice the stiffness up! However, the restaurant should know it's not coming up for another week or so...   Also, I was thankful for my custom-made earplugs I have with me at all times. Having a trombone playing straight into your lil' ear can leave anybody with severe hearing loss.

Look at Jo D, a.k.a the jazz queen, dreaming about the good ol' days when she got to sing jazz all day long! I used to be her back-up-vocalist in our younger days. The most advanced harmonies I ever sung, and I loved it! Kept me focused! Start that jazz trio now Jo D!!!

Blurry but happy!

Blurry but happy!

It feels like I've been critical of this place, so I don't wanna tell you where we went. But let me tell you what, they have such amazing tuna! Haha, I leave you with that teaser. I've longed for their tuna since last time I was there, and will long for it 'til I go there again (with the risk of getting deaf). There are so many cozy and cute restaurants all over Stockholm nowadays! I love exploring and finding new places. Hit me up with good places to go to. With that being said, I just tried to sing a little bit, and I feel and hear myself being really horse! Listen up all restaurants: Keep the volume down. I can't go out for dinners if I'm gonna ruin my vocal cords! Take these words of wisdom from the old lady here.

Now, onto my tasks for the day. The place needs to get cleaned, and the music arrangements needs to get done!

Have a great Saturday, and word of the day: Protect your hearing!



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