On a Cold And Windy Monday Such As This

Hey all!

If you are in Sweden and are reading this, I think you feel my pain. It's so freaking cold out. I was yelling as I walked down the road: "It's soooo coooold! I'm panicking!" Since I'm in Stockholm everybody pretended that it didn't happened and walked on minding there own misery.

I could not smile more, my face was too frozen.

I could not smile more, my face was too frozen.

I don't know what it was, but it was a BATTLE to get out of bed this morning, and even after my super strong cup of coffee I just couldn't get myself started on all the work I needed to do. I decided to give up and go down to the gym. I started off with a class called 21 minutes. It was really intense and a really good workout, but it was not enough. I need some weightlifting for my back to get stronger and decided to do an online class out in the gym. I leaned my phone against the wall on the floor and started my exercise. After a while I realised that I got funny looks from the huge gym men. Why is that, I wonder, and still wonder... Is it because it's lame to do an online class out in the gym? Or was I disturbing people? Well, I'm disturbed myself by people just sitting there staring at themselves in the mirror while looking huge and muscular. Work out or get out of here!

I tried to run some errands, but it was just so cold. Had to sneak into a bistro and get a cappuccino. 

My advice for the week: Dress warm and drink warm to stay warm!

You take care now!



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