Stylish While Freezing

Hello there!

After a few intense days where big decisions been made, I'm sitting here unwinding. (I will tell you about those decisions later on... gotta give you that cliffhanger you know :)

Just as I FINALLY turned the underfloor heating off in my bathroom (my place has been BOILING HOT), the temperature outside turned really cold again. As I'm typing this I'm wearing wooden socks and a big sweater. 

How do you dress when it's April and you wanna go for a spring style, but still don't wanna freeze your little butt off?!? I don't know... but this is what I've been wearing. 

I love my pink trench coat. I have to dry-clean it all the time because it's, well, pink... but it's worth it! A trench coat is such a good investment, especially if you live in Sweden or other places where even summer nights can be a little chilly. 

Another thing I like to wear this time of the year is short pants. Feels more springlike, but not too bare to make me cold. 

Here's another pair of short paints in a navy style I found in Berlin. 

I like the big buttons on the side.

That's it for this time. Hopefully next time I get to wear dresses! Let's all pray for warmer temperatures :)



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