You'll Find Me In The Attic


Now that it's lighter and the days are longer I feel the need to clean and organize. I know I share this longing with a lot of people. So I just started my big spring cleaning and want to inspire you to do the same. I go through every box and I throw away or give away as much as possible. Unfortunately there lives a little hoarder in me. (I just googeld hoarder pictures and it gave me the chills and inspired me even further to get rid of stuff. Do the same if you need a kick in the behind).

Today I wanna share my a few tips on how to organize. This is not revolutionary in any kind, but here's my favourite help for organzing at my place. Here's a some of my favourite.

First of all, I wish I had a shoe closet like Goldie Hawn in "Overboard". I found this on the instagram page called Chique Le Frique. I so wish this was my shoe closet...



1. Shoe organizer.

Until my shoe closet dream will come true, I'll start by trying to find different ways to get things off of the floor. Also I want to store them somewhere not visible. (Only my pretty shoes are out for display). Anything that can help me hide and store things is welcome at my place, so this is what I've got hanging inside my closet. 


2. Pretty decorating boxes.

Okay, so I have a thing for shoes, and it's a bit of a problem since I don't have endless of space at my place to store them. So if the shoes comes with a pretty box I might just save it and keep the shoes in the original box .

Plus, you can store all kind of things in shoe boxes, or other pretty boxes. I store lamps, my sewing kit, jewellery, sunglasses, office supplies etc. I never mix things. That way I can easily find whatever I need whenever I need it. 

Whenever I find a cute box I have a hard time resisting it. Then I organize and keep things in them. I'm all about hiding the ugly!

This one is perfect for hiding candy in, if you wanna keep it all for yourself!


3. Transparent storage boxes. 


Last year I spent about 5 days straight going through my attic. I was horrified at all the gross things that I saved, and also annoyed at myself for not talking care of it sooner. One of my problems was that I just couldn't see what was in all those boxes. Just the thought at opening them made me cringe. I went to the mall I got A LOT of big transparent boxes.

Now I can easily find whatever I need, whenever I need it. Like, when my little niece comes over to hang out, I just easily slip up to the attic and get those boxes with barbies, and also really easily pack things back in those boxes afterwards.


Like every second year my mom helps me to get this done. How awesome is that!?! I was so happy this morning when I was sitting in my kitchen, drinking my coffee, and looking out the cleeeeaaaan windows. Thank you mom!

Let's all start our cleaning and organizing! 



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