Pray For Stockholm

The light will overcome the darkness

Yesterday was a very tragic, dark and sad day for Stockholm. I was home eating a late lunch when I got the news alert on my phone about a truck ramming down people - an assumed  terror attack. Just a couple of hours earlier I had been close to the area. My first thought was to contact everyone in my family. When I was talking to my mom I completely broke down in tears. I was so scared and saddened. I kept hearing sirens of police cars and ambulances from the highway. 

I'm so sad that something I've been worried about for so long actually happened, and I'm so heartbroken for the people that was killed or hurt or had to witness this tragedy.  

But in the midst of the tragedy we saw such warmth, love and care from people yesterday. So many people reached out to help. I'm also so thankful for our police officer and the emergency staff. I pray for our city, for those who lost someone and for those who's still in the hospitals. I refuse to live my life in fear. Hate is not the answer. I'm convinced that the light will overcome the darkness. 

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