I'm Back


Please excuse my absence. It's been a while, but now I'm back. In the meantime I've been very busy with selling my place, buying a new place, singing, working with my choir. On top of that I also went to Wuppertal (!!!) A place I never heard of before, so don't feel ashamed if you didn't either. It's in Germany. I went there for a course to learn about a voice training called Estill. I feel so inspired and full of new thoughts. I immediately worked on my students using new tools. It's so important to take that break every now and then and go somewhere and just get refilled yourself.

Okay, so I gotta share my thoughts about selling and buying property in Stockholm. I decided to sell first and buy after. Everything was sorted within a month. People around me were very worried about whether I would find something, but I wasn't that worried. It was just kind of a draining process. I wasn't worried about finding something, but whether I would end up buying something darn awful without realising. Every time I looked at a place I wondered if I could trust the real estate agent. I hope I'm not offending anybody here, but it's very hard to know if they're gonna rip your pants off. Anybody knows what I'm talking about? Before I sold my place I interviewed different agents. I was really happy about the one I ended up choosing and totally felt like I was in good hands. However, I felt completely different about most agents I met when looking for a place to buy. If I hadn't been slightly suspicious and very cautious about buying, I would have been in trouble now.

1. I almost bought a place where airplanes are basically landing on the top of the building. Well that would have been a bit of a mistake, wouldn't it!?! I would never have to go to the airport again. Just get on the rooftop and grab a wing while those planes are passing by.

2. I almost bought a place where the tax rules are HORRIBLE. (Taxes are already horrible in Sweden to begin with, but here they were beyond horrible).

3. I wasn't about to, but an agent showed me a place and offered to sell it to me before the official viewing. I decided not to. I wasn't crazy about the place anyway and decided to see where the bidding went. So the place ended several hundred thousand swedish crowns (our currency) below the price he offered. After the place were sold to somebody else the agent texted: "Thank you everybody for your dedication. The final price was... " I wanted to write him back: "I'm glad I didn't buy it for the price you offered". (No I didn't write that! No need to). 

Anyway. Now that it's all sorted I'm exited about the move and the change. Now I can go back to focus on other things again... and I'll be back on my blog more often :) This is how excited I was after signing the contract!

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