What Are You Doing For The Rest of Your Life?

Hi there!

How are you all doing? It's the beginning of summer, and I'm just starting to relax and feel at ease. I love to sleep in each morning, and get up and figure out during my breakfast what I'll do with the rest of the day.

Yesterday I took a little roadtrip to the south of Stockholm. Sweden is mighty beautiful in the summer. 

What I love most about the summer, is that I finally have time to think again. How often do you really sit back and just think when it's winter. I don't. I keep busy, all the time. Maybe if I lived somewhere where the weather is more tropical, I would have a more laid back personality, haha! 

I usually take the opportunity to travel somewhere when it's summer. However, each year I'm like: but why am I leaving now that's it's actually so beautiful in Sweden? Every spring and summer I'm like: Wow, Stockholm is so beautiful. I never really look at the architecture during rainy, cold and foggy February days... Then, so suddenly, you have nights like this is Stockholm. Look at these backdrops!

Traveling though, or just getting a change of environment, gives me inspiration and ideas I wouldn't get if I was just staying at home. It makes me stop and think about my life, and what I want to do with the rest of my life. Have you heard that song: What Are You Doing For The Rest Of Your Life? It's an oldie but goldie. Summerish and beautiful. I was just humming on it the other day, and thought about my own life. It's been a quite demanding spring I must say, both mentally and physically. I love the feeling of working hard. However I need to find more balance. Anybody feeling the same way?

One of my favourite things about this season is to not have to wear layers of clothing! This jumpsuit is my favourite. I got it last summer. By the way... Unpacking my box with spring - and summer clothes is like Christmas Eve!!! So much fun to see what dresses I bought last and previous summers. Such a short season here in Sweden, so the clothes last forever. Finally I get to wear colourful clothes again!

I will start my summer off with a concert with Celine Dion tomorrow. CAN'T WAIT!!! Wishing you all a beautiful weekend!

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