Road Trippin´ On The Countryside

Hello everyone!

How's summer so far? It's still June, it's still the beginning, and I'm loving everything about that! Last week I did something I do all too rarely... I went road trippin' in my own country! Sweden is too beautiful in the summer NOT to do that!!! From now on I will do this each summer. I have so many pictures to share with you today. 

First stop was to a south part of Sweden called Blekinge. Can't really recall ever spending time here. I've missed out, BIG TIME. Look at the beaches at this little place called Hällevik.

We had such warm and lovely whether. I couldn't resist taking dips in the Baltic Sea. Sooooo crazy cold, but very refreshing :) Doesn't these beaches almost look a little tropical, but with a Swedish touch, ha ha! The air was so fresh, couldn't stop talking about it the first night. 

Imagine living like this, and take little beach walks at night! By the way... These pictures are taken like after 9pm! Love the light in Sweden during summer time.

I kind of felt like Anne of Green Gables in this environment (Only kind of...) (I mean, where's Marilla???)

Look at the houses and the nature... I'm thinking that if I lived like this it would inspire me to write a book! I don't know if anyone would wanna read it, but I'm imagining myself sitting there writing, with a cup of tea, while staring out over the breathtakingly beautiful views. 

And I would go for hikes on this little path and look at the view from the mountain top! 

And you would have to have animals if you lived like this...

Look at my friends little puppy! I did a complete 180 last summer. I went from being afraid of dogs to wanting to have a dog! As I child I used to love dogs, but while I was living in Africa as a teenager we had a really crazy guard dog that freak me out (ironically). So after that I've avoided dogs altogether. However, last summer I managed to bond with a dog, and now I'm not afraid anymore! Look at this little puppy girl right here!!! I can't handle the cuteness...

I'm realising as I'm writing this blog that I'm gonna have to make a part two for the second part of this trip... So many pictures. You might be bored by now! But before I let you go I just have to show you Hällevik by night... so peaceful and wonderful!

I'm leaving you with this little cliffhanger that more is to come! Thank you for reading!



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