Road Trippin' Part 2

Happy Friday!

I'm taking a little break in the middle of my packing to catch you up on the last part of my trip last week. Packing to go where, you might wonder. Well, to my new home. Before I get down to business, this is how lovely last week was. By the way, it's like a storm going on outside my window. Looks like the treas are about to give in to the wind. 

My parents have a little summer cottage at Öland. Took a few days and visited.

So lovely to just hang out and chill and then come home and feel rested. Mom and I went for runs and walks and swims, and I read a whole book. That's a proper vacay to me!

Lunching down at Kårehamn.

Those fields of poppies... I wish I could live somewhere where they grow all year around!

Wish I had time to write more, but I seriously have to get going with the packing, or I'm gonna have a problem next week! Wish you all a wonderful weekend!





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