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Down South Baby…

Hello friends!

How is the summer treating you? I’m currently in the south part of Sweden, Blekinge, where my fiancé is from. Before I met my Erik I rarely spent time here. I feel like I’ve missed out. Seriously… So happy that Erik is from such a gorgeous place so I get to spend so much time here.

We took a little day trip today to Skåne, which is right by the border from where we are, to Bäckaskog Castle. I realize that I’ve been taking little day trips this summer, where it’s and a bunch of 80 year olds, but I love it.

Just look at this beautiful castle!


Erik always walks up to all the signs to get all the facts… Apparently a Danish prince proposed to a Swedish princess under this tree!


Skåne and Blekinge has the most gorgeous nature. I keep on telling Erik to stop the car so I can get out and pick flowers. (I sometimes keep scissors in the car).

Back in Hällevik we took the dog for a walk.


That’s it for this time!



My Prague Recap


I decided a couple of years ago that I need to prioritise traveling to places I hadn't been before. So far, so good! I just had the opportunity to spend a few days in the beautiful capital of the Czech Republic, Prague, and I'm mesmerised! What a stunning city! If you live in Sweden there's really no reason why you shouldn't go there. It's not far away, the flight is cheap and the hotels are inexpensive. I was a little hesitant about going to Prague at the end of February since I thought it would be too chilly. Well, I was right about that! However the entire Europe was FREEZING! I haven't experienced cold like that in years. So, with that being said: I would recommend you going there later in the spring. 

Here's seven reasons why I think you need to visit Prague at some point in your life! 


1. The beautiful architecture and surroundings

I feel like these pictures says it all and needs no introduction!


These front doors had me dreaming...


2. The historic landmarks

Here I am staring at the Charles Bridge. It was built 1357 (I just knew off the top of my head) (okay, no I didn't but I could see it was old :) It's suppose to be one of the most beautiful bridge in the world, and I agree!

Hi guys, how you doing?

Hi guys, how you doing?


3. The concerts and the ballets 

There's a huge amount of different concerts and ballets that you can go to when in Prague. I loved listening to Parnas Ensemble play. Who wouldn't want to hear a mix of Tchaikovsky, Vivaldi and Smetana etc on a Wednesday night? If I stayed longer I would have visited several concerts.


4. It's priceworthy

The food is lovely, and the hotels are nice, and you pay SO LITTLE it almost feels weird when you get the check!


5. To buy crystal and perhaps jewellery

Prague is known for their crystal and jewellery. I didn't buy any diamond rings (!!!) but I thought they were mighty pretty. A beautiful crystal carafe seems like a big enough investment to me.

As you can see on these pics my poor hands were FROZEN!!!

6. The design and decor

If you visit Deelive Design store you can buy art from new and very talented designers from the art school in Prague. 


7. For views like this:

I could stare at this view forever! So romantic and beautiful that I'm ready to write a new song after this trip!


Before I let you go I have to share one last picture that just had me giggle. I'm never missing an opportunity to be in a picture. Look at me peeking out there in the crowd, ha ha!




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