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Don't Let September Slip

Hi all!

How’s the weekend been? Mine has been really great, thanks for asking!

September is really such an amazing month. Years ago I even made a playlist called September with songs to listen to during September because I was so pumped (starting with Earth Wind and Fires “September” of course). September is to great to just slip away. I made a list with things that I think you should do before September is over.


1. Make that first move towards the new project you want to set into motion.

For me September, and the start of fall, means new beginnings. New ideas and inspirations sets in during summer, and I start making plans in August. Then, as soon I get back into work, my mind gets too busy and those ideas tend to fade. It’s easy to find excuses and find the time to get started with new projects. I find it so hard to make that first step sometimes. I’m guessing I’m not alone. But I think this fall could be different. Let’s dig up those ideas and set them in motion. Maybe it’s getting that renovation or home decorating project started, or getting a work-out rutin started. Maybe you want to start up a new business and need to take that first brave step towards getting started. Experts tells us to write down those plans and set dates and have time frames for when things should get accomplished. Instead of finding excuses for not getting started, let’s do just that.

2. Enjoy nature.

Number one was demanding, that’s why I think we should also just enjoy life and nature. Let’s take those long walks, sit outdoors with a coffee in our hand and just be in the moment. On Sundays I go to church and I deceied that I will, either before or after, take walks. It’s a must to enjoy before it get’s to crazy cold to be outside without layers and layers of clothes to prevent from dying from cold.

3. Don’t dress like it’s winter quite yet.

Okay, I love black, but can we wait just a little while before we wear all black, grey and beige? I was people watching a little bit yesterday, and I saw people in black outfits, and even in scarfs and mittens… Depending on where you live, if it’s not at freezing point, don’t go there just yet. I even think you could still use some of your colourful cute summer outfits and mix them with some fallish stuff. Like a dress over a pair of jeans. It still rocks.

4. Get yourself flowers and plants!

One of my favourite things about this season is the colours of all flowers, plants and trees. I struggle to find space for all the beautiful plants I buy, but I can’t stop myself. I have to have them. I’ll find them a place eventually.

5. Turn the TV off and get yourself a great book.

Why? Because I told you so! Seriously, there’s nothing like a great book, a nice cup of tea with some candles burning. That’s why we love the fall, right! It makes you sleep better too, to read before you got to bed. It’s an awesome way to relax when the demands of work and fall makes you stressed out.

Before I go, here’s some highlights from the weekend. Dressing up because I suddenly felt the need to, all in black although I just said I think we shouldn’t. Oh well..


…and dinner with this beautiful friend!




Lunching Like Royals

Happy Sunday friends!

It's been forever since I blogged. It's been a busy summer moving and settling at my new place, and I've also been getting back to work. Let me start off by saying though that I absolutely LOVE this time of the year and I can't wait for September. It's one of my favourite months. I could feel that September is on the way, it was in the air today: crisp but still warm, and I love the feeling of new. Fall feels like a new beginning. 

Sundays, are always fundays. First church and then lunch with this wonderful friend whom I haven't seen in FOREVER!

So much catching up to do, it took me forever to finish my lunch! And I have to mention that I was totally starstruck! Princess Madeleine was lunching with her hubby and their friends at the table next to us. Oh Lord, she's one RADIANT woman!  She just has such a glow, and is so natural looking! She was wearing a blue shirt, and Jo D really nailed it when she said: "All she needs is a blue shirt and she's good to go"! Yes! So true.

Apparently news broke today that she's pregnant too! Nobody was bothering the Princess as she was sitting there... but I wonder if people at the table behind them were eavesdropping. Sure looked like that one certain lady was leaning back very closely. Well, the Princess however made an official announcement on her Facebook a couple of hours ago about the pregnancy. Yay for another little royal baby, and congratulations to Princess Madeleine and her husband Chris.

Best thing about early fall is putting on a little bit of more clothes again. I spent most summer in very hot climate, and it feels good to wear pants again, but still get to wear short sleeves. I wish this temperature would last all fall.

As eager as I am for September, I'd still like these kind of summer nights to linger. Stockholm is just so beautiful in this kind of light! It was so nice out Friday night. I've been working really hard on getting settled in my new place that I've had very few nights, or days for that matter, just out, walking, feeling totally relaxed. 

Alright... time to make dinner and chill! I think this is the season when I'll start blogging more, so see you soon!



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