Thoughts After the Weekend

Happy Monday everyone!

Today I've been trying to wrap my thoughts around everything that I got to experience this weekend. My thoughts are a little bit all over the place, but I just wanted to share it with you, cause I feel so encouraged, uplifted and inspired - all at once. 

My church, Hillsong, celebrated 10 years as a church this weekend. It started out with about 19 people, and this is what it's looks like today! Isn't that amazing!

Love this song "Let There Be Light" and to sing it in this beautiful Gospel arrangement by my sister Evelina.

I'm so thankful that I get to be a part of this. Not only do I get to hear some of the best speakers in the world, but this weekend I also thought about all the wonderful friendships that I have, thanks to my church.

One of the guest speakers were Carl Lentz. I will not try to retell his sermon (hopefully you can hear it on a podcast if you weren't there), but he talked about making the most of each moment, being a work in progress and how that's okay, and taking it step by step. 

Yes, I thought! I can do that!!! 

Carl Lentz - Hillsong New York

Got me thinking of this song that I've been singing with my choir Soulful Voices. Here's a little piece of it. 

Also, I've got a new book on my nightstand (I don't actually have a nightstand, but it sounded kind of fancy. It's really a stack of magazines). Steven Furtick has written a book called  "(UN)QUALIFIED". I love listening to his sermons on podcasts, and can't wait to get started with this book. Did anyone read it?

I've been spending my Monday planning songs for my choir. It's gonna be a lot of good music, and I can't wait to share it with my choir. Since I'm full of inspiration, I'm gonna get back to all that planning now.

Have a wonderful week everyone! 



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