20/40 Bash


It's Monday again, and a little bit of spring is in the air. I'm starting to feel alive! What a difference some sunlight does!

On Saturday we celebrated my sister and brother in laws forthieth birthday, PLUS that they've been married for 20 years! Try to fathom that!!! I can't. 

Getting married when you're 20 years old is one thing... Staying together for 20 years is kind of amazing! Congratulations! 

It was a really fun party with lot's of wonderful singers performing and awesome musicians playing. I feel spoiled for having such talented friends - to get to listen to them all, and to have them backing me up on their instruments when I sing, is just the best.

Daniel Cummings is just out of this world!!! You need to listen to his music. That voice man, that voice... 

My sister asked me to sing a John Mayer song and she got a John Mayer song. I also held a little speech (for the second time in my life). How nerv wracking it is to talk in front of a crowd... even though I know most of them! I really felt embarrassed, but I also really wanted to say something at such a big celebration to two people that mean so much to me, and to whom I'm so close. It's okay to be a little cheesy those times!

Friends, lovers or nothing...

Swedens best piano players, Daniel Stenbaeck and Ted Hector, playing for each other and inspiring each other (and me). I asked if they wanted to hear some of the chords I take, but I can't say they showed that much interest in my piano skills! Haha!

There's something magical about balloons...  Watch out, Scarlett is about to fly away!

This is how we party! Never knew helium balloons could be so much fun!

I loved how my sister decorated the place. She thought of the decor, ordered some stuff online, and then went in the same day and just decorated.  She's also an amazing cook and made all the food (Italian buffet). I would have never been able to make that part happen. I will make a blog later on how to make a place party ready!

I did try to help out a little bit with the decoration preparation, but not as much as I felt I should have. So when the party was over, and all the cleaning started, I stayed and helped out. I must admit that the thought didn't occur to me when I left home, so I did not bring any clothes to wear for cleaning, but must importantly, I didn't bring any other shoes!!! There's that moment, and it can come soon, it can also come later, when pumps just start hurting like MAD! That happened JUST when I was starting to clean. No, I'm not lying, and yes, I still stayed and cleaned. Just to be clear: 

These shoes are NOT optimal for cleaning... and neither is the dress.

Ouch, my poor toes are still sore. 

Then there is that moment, when you realise:

1. We forgot to put the painting back up.

2. It's impossible to put the painting back up.

Everybody was already stressed because we had very limited time, and everybody was very focused. It was not the time to laugh, but on the inside I was laughing so hard when I saw my brother in law and my dad trying to get that painting back up. I had to sneak out and grab my phone and take a picture. Later, when I was in bed and started sending my family that picture, we all cried with laughter. It looks like my dad is fencing with a halo on his head, or some sort of headlamp. And that posture!!! And that facial expression! Dad, you're the best for letting my post this on my blog! Too fun not to share.





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