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Hi there!

How's everyones week so far? Around this time of the year schools in Sweden have what we call Sports Break. As a child and also as a teenager I used to go on skiing trips with my church every year. It was the best!!! I longed for it all year. 

Although I wouldn't say no to a skiing trip (yes, I know how to ski) it's just that for starters I think it's really cold to ski in Sweden in February, and to go somewhere abroad feels really tricky. Secondly, I don't have any ski equipment. And finally, I'm too lazy to arrange it. So instead I'm here in Stockholm. 

In Sweden we also have something called "Fettisdagen". Translated info english you get "Fat Tuesday". And that's exactly what it is. It's actually a Christian tradition and comes from fasting before easter. Obviously before you start fasting you need some extra fat. It's now tradition in Sweden to eat semla on the fettisday, which occurred on tuesday. I should do a suger fast after this week, FOR REAL. (I'm eating candy as I'm writing... but after this ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. On to a healthy lifestyle!!!) 

Me and my semla.

Sadly my dear friend Lindy moved back to Oslo, Norway on Tuesday. I found myself crying as we said our goodbye at the train station. I'm really sensitive after living abroad to saying goodbye. Before it was surreal and easy to say goodbye, but I think I know now what it really means. With that said: we're just an hour apart... but it won't be the same :(

I have the cutest niece! Her name is Scarlett, and she's 5. We have "girls nights" when just the two of us hang out and we have a sleep over party. 

I had to get this t-shirt!!! It says: "Watch out! I have a crazy aunt, and I'm not afraid to use her". Yep. it's true! Watch out y'all.

We just had one of our girls nights yesterday, but we switched it up a little bit by having a girls day first. She came over at 11 am, and we went to check out the Swedish designer Lars Wallins exhibition "Fashion Stories."

I didn't know if Scarlett was gonna enjoy it, but she had a really great time! They had this little mini cinema where you could watch a documentary about how Lars makes his dresses. Scarlett took the initiative to watch it, and we watched the whole thing. I was kind of impressed when she walked up to the drawings  afterwards and informatively said to me: *Here's his drawings". 

Lars Wallins drawings of dresses.

Lars Wallins drawings of dresses.

Year after year after year I've kept all my barbies and barbie stuff from my childhood. They been packed in boxes, stacked up in my attic, because I knew someday I would be thankful I saved them. Scarlett loves playing with them. (And me too). I get so nostalgic looking at all those little dresses and dolls. That mess though when she pulls everything out, haha, and look at Barbie and Ken making out!!!

 In the evening we ate "gourmet food" and had girl talk!

You know she's saying something important when she's waving around that little hot dog like that!

We ended the night with watching movies, and she just never fell asleep! I think she was up later than she's been in her entire little life. Sorry sis! I hope you let her have more sleepovers here!!!

Totally engaged in the movie!

My favourite part is eating breakfast together. On her first sleepover I happened to have hot cocoa and marshmallows home. She was so delighted, and now it's tradition.

The only hard part about our girl hangs is actually when she goes home! Soooo lonely!!!

I was not driving while taking this picture - cause I'm a really safe driver!!! But seriously... WATCH OUT Y'ALL, we're both crazy!!!

Before I say bye... Here's this weeks home decor inspo:

I inherited that table from my grandmother when she past a few years ago. I didn't know if it was going to look good at my place before I brought it there, but it sure did, and I just love it more and more. The most amazing part is that it's handmade by my grandmothers grandfather sometime in the 1800s. I used to have it in my kitchen before I remodelled, but now I feel like it really found it's spot there as my jewellery table.

I apparently have a thing for vases, and I move them around and make little arrangements - this week with little springlike flowers. Don't forget to add the pink dets, like a big pink candle! I know it's crazy much going on in my window frame, but I couldn't stop myself. Must be spring feelings :)

That's it for this time people!

Have a lovely weekend!


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