Shorty Like A Melody In My Head

Hi everyone!

Hope you're having a great Monday! It's been so sunny and beautiful in Stockholm today.

So, on my upcoming blogposts I'm gonna share some of my highlights from the summer. Highlight number one comes here: 

I went back to LA for a couple of weeks this summer. Last night in town me and my friend Melody went out to one of our favourite spots in LA. It's in downtown, it's on a rooftop, and they have live music and delicious food. What more can you ask for??? The place is called Perch, and you need to go there if you're in LA. (No, this is not an add :) 

Melody and I are just so silly when we're together, and since she's a singer too, our hangs are always a mix of laughing and singing. Life is like a musical when we're together. Melody is from South Carolina, and we've known each other since we studied music together in LA. We pretty soon realised that we have the same sense of humor, same values and love to sing together. We had a band together and had the best time. Whenever I visit LA we just pick up from where we left. How awesome is that! Our combo is a little loud and obnoxious though, but we just can't help it. We actually have really deep conversations where we talk about life, relationships, our faith and everything in between, but this night was not one of those times, ha ha ha! I will share some videos from this night, and from the following day actually. For those of you who are of a more serious type, the video below may not be for you... And for the rest of you, here's a video:

We got this table on the outside on the patio, and it kind of feels surreal when you sit there with view!

The laughing started in the car when Melody listened to latin music (I didn't know she was a fan) and we all of a sudden realised it was a latin version of "Blame It On The Boogie". It then escalated as we ordered a salad to share as a starter, and when the the waiter approached our table with our salad asking: "Caesar"? Melody quickly responded: "No, I'm Melody". I just thought this was so funny, I could not stop laughing. It was this couple sitting next to us, trying to have a romantic dinner... We tried to keep it down, but I could see him rolling his eyes. Sorry!!!



I love the decor at the place. I just hade to pose in the staircase. 

Whenever you are in LA... Drive in style!

The morning after, before I went to the airport to go back to Stockholm, we hung out by the pool and it just made my last minutes in LA so much better.

Miss you Melody!!! 

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