The Autumn Leaves of Red And Gold

Hi all!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend. It's the perfect temperature in Stockholm today to be outside. It's not too cold, not too hot, and with the clear nice air that autumn brings. 


Today on the blog I'm sharing some of my autumn decoration at home. Who else likes to do seasonal decor? September is almost over, and here comes October with all it's beautiful colours. I LOVE when the leaves turn red and yellow. It looks pretty awesome outside my window right now, and it's about to look even prettier in a week or so.

You don't need to change your entire decor at home. I just did a little thing here and there, and it instantly felt more cozy and autumnish :) 

I started by switching out some of the pink decoration´. (Yes, there's plenty). Instead of pink roses, I chose just greeneries this week, and I switched the of pink candles to burgundy coloured ones. Also, I can't stop eating plums. They taste amazing right now. I should make a pie and invite my new neighbours over!!! (Or no, I'll save that for another time :)


There's so many pretty plants and flowers everywhere. I can not go outside without shopping flowers and plants I later try to find a place for at my place. Ornamental Cabbage is one of them. 


Got these decorative (fake) leaves. You can mix with real plants, or put them in a vase by themselves, which I did. 


I know I'm early, but I couldn't resist decorating the plants on the balcony with little pumpkins. 

I'm planning to hang out at my balcony even though summer is over, so I'm trying to make it as cozy as possible with pretty lighting.

Okay, that's it for today when it comes to decoration. 

Autumn really has some perks! Cheers to spending time indoors again! Imagine all the nice restaurants, coffeeshops or cool lounges where you can hang out for hours while it's windy and cold outside. I might look a little sad at the picture, but I'm just trying to look as cool as the place :)


Last but not least, I'm painting my nails red again in this color. OPIs "Big Apple Red".

Have a wonderful week!




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